All your Questions about Tubolito answered

Due to innovative processing of a special material Tubolitos are not only lighter but also more robust than classic tubes made of butyl.

The needle penetration test is an important parameter for measuring the puncture resistance of a bicycle inner tube. It measures the force needed to puncture a tube with a test mandrel. This test indicates: Twice as much force is needed to puncture a tube of the Tubo-MTB series compared to standard butyl tubes.

Tubolito puncture test results

Yes, all Tubolitos can easily be patched with the Tubo-Patch-Kit developed by us.

To see our full product range please visit the “products” section on our homepage. However, we are constantly testing new ideas and innovations. As soon as a new product is available, we will keep you informed on our homepage and on our social media channels.

Yes, we performed tests with different products. Following products seal Tubolitos:

Sealant: Oko Puncture free Bike

Repair Spray: Nigrin Reifendicht; Vittoria Pitstop Super Magnum; Tip Top Pannenspray; Güp Kwiki

Residues of tubeless milk do not harm Tubolito products.

As the graph indicates Tubolitos do have similar characteristics concerning air retention as rubber tubes.

Tubolito pressure loss graph
Regarding snake bites Tubolitos do have similar characteristics as rubber tubes. Tubolito Snake bite test chart
We wanted to also optically highlight the innovative nature of Tubolitos and we really liked orange in this context! Furthermore, the covering paint of the tube does also bring a useful effect with it as it helps to protect the tubes against environmental influences such as sunlight. Thus: orange is the new black!
The “S” stands for spare, referring to the ideal spare tube. Due to reduced thickness S-Tubos are not only extremely light but also very small. Furthermore S-Tubo-MTBs do have a removable valve so they do fit in every pocket, how small it may be.

Yes, we performed tests with “Topeak Presta Valve Extender Series” valve extensions and our valves are completely tight.
Remark: The valve cores of all our products are glued in and therefore not removable.

Some Tubos are made for rim brakes and some can only be used with disc brakes – please click on ‘PRODUCTS’ on top and choose the Tubo to check if that Tubo can be used with disc brakes or with rim and disc brakes. This is due to the different processing of the material. 

Tubolitos do comply with the test DIN4210 (15 minutes of braking with maximum 10×10 seconds interruption) with aluminium and carbon rims.

Doing a disruptive test, meaning braking as long till the product is defect, Tubolitos do not lose the air explosively such as butyl products but slowly over several minutes.

We had our products tested by an independent body. The graphics listed below show the results. Rolling resistance MTB Rolling resistance Road

The maximum and minimum air pressure are basically determined by the tire. Please check the indications of your tire!

Please note that not mounted Tubolitos are not supposed to be inflated with more than 0,5 bar/7 psi. Otherwise they will be deformed and can get defective.

As long as the dimensions of the the wheel (wheel diameter and width) are the same, Tubolitos can be dismounted and remounted into another wheel without problems.

Yes. However, as for butyl tubes, CO2 does not stay as long in the tube as air, meaning that reinflating will be necessary earlier.

For the production of the raw material necessary for a 85 gram Tubo-MTB-29 about 7 MJ energy are needed and about 0,3-0,33 kg CO2 are emitted. In comparison the production of the raw material necessary for a 200 grams standard tube made of butyl rubber 22 MJ energy are needed and about 1,26-1,33 kg CO2 are emitted. The graphic below illustrates that also the water needed to produce the raw material for Tubolitos is much less than the water needed to produce the raw materials of other tubes.

Citation: M.F. Ashby, Materials and the Environment – ECO-Informed Material Choice, 2nd edition, Butterwoth-Heinemann, plus accompanying CES EDUPack Software

Standard pumpheads like SKS or Topeak function properly with

a remaining valve height of 15 mm.

To choose the correct valve height you can use the formula:

valve height – rim height > 15 mm

rim depth valve size

How to find your Tubolito product information

In case we ask you to submit product information about your Tubolito for quality review purposes, please send us the following two codes.

Step 1. Finding the Product Code of your Tubolito:
The product code is a 9 digit code next to the Tubolito logo on your tube.
In the example picture: 907111206

Step 2. Finding the Batch Code of your Tubolito:
The batch code is made up of 4 or 5 digits and a letter and is printed right underneath the name of your Tubolito.
In the example picture: 19465A

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