Tire pressure can be a crucial factor for MTB riders. To make the measurement as fast and easy as possible we developed PSENS technology. Tubo-MTB PSENS is the first smart bicycle tube in the world. An NFC chip, which is integrated in the tube, allows riders to measure the pressure with an App (available for iOS. Android version will be available in summer 2021) via the smartphone. As the chip, that weighs only a few grams, is inside the tube it is perfectly safe and not exposed to small stones etc. To determine the tire pressure a smartphone and the started App just needs to be brought close to the chip (app. 3cm). After few seconds of measurement, the pressure is indicated in Bar and PSI. The chip does not need a battery and can be used as long as the tube as such.

PSENS technology currently is available in Tubo-MTB 27,5” and Tubo-MTB 29” products

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Developing X-Tubo technology we had a clear and likewise ambitious goal: produce a bicycle inner tube that can not be punctured.

Therefore, we built tubes made of different materials and produced with different methods. These prototypes have been subjected to various tests. Our approach was to conduct tests that are reflecting the daily use case. Thus, we were riding across thorns, pieces of broken glass and over our exclusively developed ramp equipped with a nail. Step by step we were getting our goal closer until we found a product which satisfies our high expectations: make punctures a thing of the past. This promise is underpinned with a world premiere: a one year warranty for all flats. Given its great robustness X-Tubo City/Tour reduces the maintenance necessary and allows worry-free rides.

X-Tubo technology is currently available City/Touring bikes.


You are chasing records? Always looking to have the lightest bike? Try to minimize rolling resistance? Or are you a tubeless rider and want to have a light and small spare tube?

We do have something for you: our S-Tubo technology. S-Tubo products are characterized by the reduced wall thickness of the tubes. That is they are even smaller, lighter and do have a very low rolling resistance. S-Tubo-Road for instance is the lightest bicycle inner tube worldwide and does have a rolling resistance comparable to latex tubes.

To have the smallest packed size, S-Tubo-MTBs do have a removable valve what makes them the perfect spare tube. In short: S-Tubo is our performance line. Despite all these characteristics, S-Tubos do have the same puncture resistance as standard rubber tubes. Due to the reduced wall thickness they are a little more prone to be harmed by potential heat while long and hard brakes so they are only ready for use in bikes with disc brakes.

S-Tubo technolgy currently is available for Road bikes, MTBs and CX/Gravel bikes.

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How to find your Tubolito product information

We might ask you to submit product information about your Tubolito for quality review purposes. Please send us the following two codes.

Step 1. Finding the product code of your Tubolito.

The product code is a 9 digit code next to the Tubolito logo on your tube. In the example picture: 907111206

Step 2. Finding the batch code of your Tubolito.

The batch code is made up of 4 or 5 digits and a letter and is printed right underneath the name of your Tubolito. In the example picture: 19465A

Thank you for your help and we hope you continue to enjoy using Tubolito.