Smart bicycle tube: to be able to easily measure the tire pressure, Tubo-MTB PSENS is equipped with an NFC chip that makes it the first smart bicycle inner tube worldwide. This chip, which is located inside the tube close to the valve, does not need a battery. To determine the tire pressure a smartphone with an Application (available for iOS; Android version available from sommer 2021) needs to be brought close to the chip (app. 3cm). After few seconds of measurement, the pressure is indicated in Bar and PSI. PSens technology is available for 29” as well as 27,5” Tubo-MTB products.




Weight 93g
Tyre Width 1,8″ – 2,5″
Valve 42mm SV Orange


Weight 90g
Tyre Width 1,8″ – 2,5″
Valve 42mm SV Orange

How to find your Tubolito product information

In case we ask you to submit product information about your Tubolito for quality review purposes, please send us the following two codes.

Step 1. Finding the Product Code of your Tubolito:
The product code is a 9 digit code next to the Tubolito logo on your tube.
In the example picture: 907111206

Step 2. Finding the Batch Code of your Tubolito:
The batch code is made up of 4 or 5 digits and a letter and is printed right underneath the name of your Tubolito.
In the example picture: 19465A

Thank you for your help and we hope you continue to enjoy using