Prompt weight savings: using Tubo-Folding Bike i can make folding bikes instantly lighter, so they can be carried along easier. Due to the processing of new materials the production of Tubo-Folding Bike needs much fewer water and emits less CO2 as the production of tubes made of rubber or latex. This makes Tubo-Folding Bike a very ecofriendly inner tube. Suitable for 16″, 18″ and 20″ folding bicycles like Brompton, Vello, Dahon and Birdy!!


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16″/18″ SV PRESTA

weight 34 G
width 1 1/8“ – 1 3/8“
valve 42MM SV Orange


weight 43 G
width 1 1/8“ – 1 3/8“
valve 40MM AV Orange


weight 44 G
width 1.2“ – 1.8“
valve 42MM SV Orange


weight 53 G
width 1.2“ – 1.8“
valve 40MM AV Orange

How to find your Tubolito product information

In case we ask you to submit product information about your Tubolito for quality review purposes, please send us the following two codes.

Step 1. Finding the Product Code of your Tubolito:
The product code is a 9 digit code next to the Tubolito logo on your tube.
In the example picture: 907111206

Step 2. Finding the Batch Code of your Tubolito:
The batch code is made up of 4 or 5 digits and a letter and is printed right underneath the name of your Tubolito.
In the example picture: 19465A

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