the ultra light, extra durable bicycle tube
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For a long time, the innertube has been overlooked in the bicycle industry. We will change that. Our vision: the perfect innertube - street, trail or city - developed for the optimal cycling experience.


2/3 lighter than a standard tube

Every gram counts, when it is up to cycling fun. Even more if you reduce the rotational weight.

Tubolito offers an easy and achievable weight tuning.

We can provide this solution, as we are combining a new material with a self-developed production technology. Applying this technology allows us to build an innertube that weighs only 45gramms at our S-Tubo product



Lighter AND more robust. We make the impossible possible.

We can solve this contradiction by using a new concept:

We are manufacturing the Innertube with a thermoplastic elastomer, called TPU. This group of materials is known for its durability and excellent damping abilities. It has replaced many rubber products in the automotive and pharma industry already.

It was our goal to transform the excellent material characteristics into an outstanding bicycle product. We achieved that by reducing the number of contact areas and kept the seams to a minimum.




The tubolito inner tube is manufactured in Europe, and all assembly parts are sourced in Europe. This has some major advantages. We can maintain very high quality standards. We can realize fast innovations by having a short feedback loop between development and production site. We can maintain sustainability trough to short transport routes.


Mountain Bike


Less is more: Tubo-MTB combines low weight and increased toughness. For 29” tires you’ll save more than 100g per wheel compared to standard rubber tubes and get 2X the puncture protection. In addition, the packed tube size is reduced by half. Tubolitos are easily mounted and are a super-lightweight alternative to tubeless systems. Ready for disc brakes.
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Weight: 85 G
Tyre Width: I,8"-2,5"
Valve: 42mm
Weight: 82 G
Tyre Width: I,8"-2,5"
Valve: 42mm
Weight: 78 G
Tyre Width: I,8"-2,5"
Valve: 42mm

Tubo-MTB-Plus (2.5” – 3” Plus Size)

Extra pluses: Optimized for 29+ and 27.5+ tires with 2.5”-3.0”widths, Tubo-MTB-Plus tubes also meet the E-MTB standard. Due to their low rotational weight – at only 105g – they save you leg power or your e-bike’s battery life and defend against punctures.
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Weight: 110 G
Tyre Width: 2,5"-3,0"
Valve: 42mm
Weight: 105 G
Tyre Width: 2,5"-3,0"
Valve: 42mm


Even lighter and more compact – the perfect spare tube: Due to a removable valve, S-Tubo-MTB’s can be rolled up to an extremely space saving size (Ø 3.5 x 5 cm). Despite a light overall weight of only 45g (29”) they are as puncture resistant as standard rubber tubes for everyday riding and are also perfect for use as a spare tube for riders using a tubeless system. Ready for disc brakes.
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Weight: 45 G
Tyre Width: I,8"-2,5"
Valve: 42mm
Weight: 44 G
Tyre Width: I,8"-2,5"
Valve: 42mm
Weight: 42 G
Tyre Width: I,8"-2,5"
Valve: 42mm



Tubolito for the road: Ready for disc brakes and rim brakes, Tubo-Road easily fits 18 to 28mm width tires. Compared to standard rubber tubes you’ll save almost 70g of rotating weight per wheel. The puncture protection is equally outstanding: Tubo-Road is 2X more resistant to punctures than a standard tube.
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Weight: 38 G
Tyre Width: 18-28mm
Valve: 42mm, 60mm, 80mm


When you’re in a hurry: At a featherweight 23g the super-compact (when rolled up) S-Tubo-Road stands out with very low rolling resistance which outpaces standard rubber tubes yet is comparable to latex tubes. With 78% smaller packed size and the same puncture resistance as standard tubes the S-Tubo-Road is the perfect choice as a spare and can be the crucial factor when you’re riding long and hard. Specifically made for disc brakes (not suitable for rim brakes).
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Weight: 23 G
Tyre Width: 18-28mm
Valve: 42mm, 60mm, 80mm



Over rough and smooth: Tubo-CX/Gravel is made for tire widths from 30mm to 40mm, ready for disc and rim brakes, offers double the toughness on and off the road compared with standard rubber tubes. At the same time – due to its low weight of 54g – it guarantees a lively pace. Its 50% smaller packed size makes a spare tube that’ll fit in any pocket or pack.
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Weight: 54 G
Tyre Width: 30-40mm
Valve: 42mm, 60mm



Aim high: 54% lighter, 2X puncture resistance and 50% smaller packed size compared to standard rubber tubes. It’s why the Tubo-BMX jumps to new heights. It’s made for 20” BMX tires from 1.8” and 2.4” and 1 1/8 – 1 3/8 widths and its low weight and super toughness are made to hit the park.
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Weight: 58 G
Tyre Width: 1.8"-2.4"
Valve: AV, 42mm SV
Weight: 39 G
Tyre Width: 1 1/8" - 1 3/8"
Valve: AV, 42mm SV
Weight: 69 G
Tyre Width: 1.8"-2.4"
Valve: AV, 42mm SV

Tubo City/Tour

Tubo City/Tour 28"

Pumped-up performance: Tubo City/Tour, with its increased wall thickness, is 3X tougher than standard rubber tubes and holds pressure much better. It’s the perfect choice for longer rides though nature, everyday commuting and for E-Bikes. Ready for disc and rim brakes.
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Weight: 100 G
Tyre Width: 30-47 mm
Valve: 40 mm Schrader / AV
Weight: 92 G
Tyre Width: 30-47 mm
Valve: 42mm Presta/Sclaverand


Tubo-Cargo 20" 24" and 26"

Full steam ahead: able to carry heavy loads with no problems, Tubo-Cargo was especially developed for cargo bikes and is 3X tougher than standard rubber tubes and retains air pressures better than competing products during heavy daily usage. Tubo-Cargo is available in 20”, 24” and 26” wheel sizes and with choice of Schrader or Presta valve.
Weight: 83 G
Tyre Width: 1,75" - 2.5"
Valve: 40 mm Schrader and 42mm Presta
Weight: 95 G
Tyre Width: 1,75" - 2.5"
Valve: 40 mm Schrader and 42mm Presta
Weight: 112 G
Tyre Width: 1,75" - 2.5"
Valve: 40 mm Schrader and 42mm Presta



Prompt weight savings: using Tubo-Folding Bike in 16” wheels can make folding bikes instantly lighter, so they can be carried along easier. Due to the processing of new materials the production of Tubo-Folding Bike needs much fewer water and emits less CO2 as the production of tubes made of rubber or latex. This makes Tubo-Folding Bike a very ecofriendly inner tube. Suitable for Brompton bicycles!
Weight: 34 G
Tyre Width: 1 1/8" - 1 3/8"
Valve: 40 mm Schrader and 42mm Presta

Repair Kit


Specially developed Flix-Kit to repair all tubolito products. Easy to use as it is an adhesive tape solution. The Flix-Kit contains 5 patches.
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Tubolito supports riders to focus on their main goal – winning.

We assist most promising young athletes through providing them our products and sponsorships.


Dominik Wychera (AUT)

Cross Triathlon

Kai Saaler (GER)


Lukas Hollaus (AUT)


Tiago Carrasco (POR)


Team Kernhaus (GER)


Phillipp Gruhn (GER)


Charlotte Worthingotn (UK)

BMX Freestyle


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      56070 Koblenz


      Due to innovative processing of a special material Tubolitos are not only lighter but also more robust than classic tubes made of rubber.
      What do you mean by twice as robust?
      To measure the puncture resistance of a bike tube the needle penetration test is an important parameter. It measures the force needed to puncture a tube with a test mandrel. This test indicates: compared to standard rubber tubes twice as much force is needed to puncture a tube of the Tubo-MTB series.
      Can Tubolitos be patched?
      Yes, with the Tubo-Flix-Kit developd by us a Tubolito can be easily patched.
      For which bikes/tyres do you have suitable products?
      To see all our product range please visit the “products” section on our homepage. However, we are constantly testing new ideas and innovations. As soon as a new product is available, we will keep you informed on our homepage and on our social media channels.
      Can Tubolitos be used with sealant or repair sprays?
      Yes, we performed tests with different products. Following products seal Tubolitos: Sealant: Oko Puncture free Bike Repair Spray: Nigrin Reifendicht; Vittoria Pitstop Super Magnum; Tip Top Pannenspray; Güp Kwiki
      How about air retention of Tubolitos?

      As the graphi indicates, Tubolitos do have a similar characteristics concerning air retention as rubber tubes.

      Tubolito pressure loss graph
      How resistant are Tubolitos against “snake bites”?
      Regarding snake bites Tubolitos do have similar characteristics as rubber tubes. Tubolito Snake bite test chart
      Why are Tubolitos orange?
      We wanted to also optically highlight the innovative nature of Tubolitos and we really liked orange in this context! Furthermore, the covering paint of the tube does also bring a useful effect with it as it helps to protect the tubes against environmental influences such as sunlight. Thus: orange is the new black!
      What´s the difference between Tubo and S-Tubo products?
      he „S“ stands for spare, referring to the ideal spare tube. Due to reduced thickness S-Tubos are not only extremely light but also very small. Furthermore S-Tubo-MTBs do have a removable valve so they do fit in every pocket, how small it may be.
      Are Tubolitos compatible with valve extensions?
      Yes, we performed tests with "Topeak Presta Valve Extender series" valve extensions and our valves are completely tight. Remark: The valve cores of all our products are glued in and therefore not removable.
      Are Tubolitos ready for rim brakes? What about heat resistance while braking?
      While our road products are also made for rim brakes, the tubes for MTB can only be used with disk brakes. This is due to the different processing of the material. Our road products do comply with the test DIN4210 (15 minutes of braking with maximum 10x10 seconds interruption) with aluminium and carbon rims. Doing a disruptive test, meaning braking as long as the product is defect, Tubolitos do not lose the air explosive such as butyl products, but slowly over several minutes.
      How about the rolling resistance of Tubolitos?
      We had our products tested by an independent body. The graphics listed below show the results. Rolling resistance MTB Rolling resistance Road
      How much pressure can Tubolitos be used with?
      The maximum and minimum air pressure are basically determined by the tyre. Please check the indications of your tyre! Please note that not mounted Tubolitos are not supposed to be inflated with more than 0,5bar/7psi. Otherwise they will be deformed and can get defective.
      Can Tubolitos be dismounted and remounted into another wheel?
      As long as the dimensions of the the wheel (wheel diameter and width) are the same, this can be done without problems
      Can Tubolitos be inflated with CO2 cartridges?
      Yes. However, as for butyl tubes, CO2 does not stay as long in the tube as air, meaning that reinflating will be necessary earlier.
      How environmentally sustainable is the production of Tubolitos?
      For the production of the raw material necessary for a 85 gram Tubo-MTB-29” about 7MJ energy are needed and about 0,3-0,33 kg CO2 are emitted. In comparison, the production of the raw material necessary for a 200 grams standard tube made of butyl rubber 22 MJ energy are needed and about 1,26-1-33kg CO2 are emitted. The graphic below illustrates that also the water needed to produce the raw material for Tubolitos is much less than the water needed to produce the raw materials of other tubes. Citation: M.F. Ashby, Materials and the Environment – ECO-Informed Material Choice, 2nd edition, Butterwoth-Heinemann, plus accompanying CES EDUPack Software

      About Us


      Christian Lembacher (material science engineer) and Akos Kertesz (mechanical engineer) are the founders of Tubolito. In their previous job, the enthusiastic mountainbikers, were developing loudspeakers for mobile phones. Working on new hight-tech materials as a membrane material for loudspeakers, which needs to be very light and robust, the idea came up to revolutionize the 100 year old bike tubes made of rubber. 

      Using a new high-tech thermoplastic elastomer and combined with a unique manufacturing technology Tubolito is capable of delivering very light, robust and reliable bike tubes to their customers. 


      We love biking and want to make the cycling experience even greater - whether in the woods or on the road, with muscle power or supported by an electric motor. As engineers it is our ambition to offer high-end and high-quality products. We are constantly working on optimizing our tubes and developing new product ranges. We, as passionate tube engineers, are convinced that this is only the beginning of a fascinating journey. The use of new technologies and high-tech materials will further revolutionize the bike tube industry.


      i2B: 3rd place in category technology of business plan competition i2B 2016.
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      Winner of Gamechanger Puls 4 startup pitch 2017
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      STARTUP CYCLING Berlin 2017: 2nd place

      ISPO 2018: Winner in category accessories
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      Bikerumor editor's choice award 2019

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      Bike Action Magazin editor's choice 2020

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